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跆拳道 起源于朝鲜半岛,是现代奥运会正式比赛项目之一昌粗。那么你知道跆拳道的英文怎么说吗?下面我为大家带来跆拳道的英文说法,供大家参考学习。   跆拳道的英文说法   Taekwondo   跆拳道相关英文表达   跆拳道班 Taekwondo Class   跆拳道比赛 taekwondo competition   跆拳道馆长 Taekwondo curator   韩国跆拳道 South Korean taekwondo   跆拳道俱乐部 taekwondo clubs   跆拳道裁判 the judges of Taekwondo   跆拳道英文说法例句   1. Do you think a taekwondo guy can do SUNG Bong - shik?   你认为一个学跆拳道的能打得过孙博石吗 ?   2. I also moonlight as a tae kwon do instructor to make some extra money.   为了多赚点钱,我还兼职当跆拳道教练.   3. Who do you think will win if a taekwondo black belt fights a street fighter?   你认为跆拳道黑带和街头打架高手过招谁会赢?   4. My hobby is: swimming, taekwondo, painting, calligraphy, Chinese chess, and so on.    爱好 有: 游泳 , 跆拳道, 绘画, 书法, 围棋 等.   5. However, I like the female takewondo champion Chen Zhong most!   不过, 我最喜欢老答女子跆拳道世界冠军——陈中侍迅慧了!   6. Can you tell me some basic rules about taekwondo?   你能给我讲讲跆拳道的基本规则 吗 ?   7. Virgil, it's the first time for me to watch a taekwondo competition.   弗吉尔, 这是我第一次看跆拳道比赛.   8. So go running or take up kickboxing or swimming or speed walking.   那就去跑跑步啊,学学跆拳道啊,游游泳啊,快速跑啊.   9. Taekwondo fighting is a more general action at the hands of YOU!   跆拳道格斗是一款在动作上比较一般的手游!   10. In 2000, South Korea grabbed three gold medals in the Olympic taekwondo.   2000年, 韩国在奥运会的跆拳道比赛中获得3枚金牌.   11. Tae kwon do remains Taiwan's strongest sport in the Olympics.   跆拳道依旧是台湾在奥运最看好的运动项目.   12. Against other styles, TKD is the least effective in practicality!   对付其他风格, 跆拳道实际上没有一点效果!   13. Punching with fists and kicking with feet are allowed in taekwondo.   跆拳道允许用 拳击 和用脚踢.   14. However, one must establish a long - range objective in practicing Taekwondo.   然而, 必须在练习跆拳道时建立一个 长期 的目标.   15. I think a robust man like him will win the kickboxing match.   我觉得像他那么强壮的人会赢得这场跆拳道比赛的.   跆拳道相关 英语阅读 :印度医生集体学跆拳道防医暴   Doctors at one of Delhi’s top government hospitals will be given daily martial arts training in response to a sharp rise in reports of violence against medical practitioners in India.   印度德里一所顶尖公立医院的医生将接受日常 武术 训练,以应对针对医务人员的暴力事件大幅上升的现状。   About 1,500 resident doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Aiims) in New Delhi will be given taekwondo classes in the hospital’s gym every evening from 15 May.   新德里全印医学科学学院(简称Aiims)将近1500名住院医师将从5月15日开始每晚在医院的健身房参加跆拳道训练班。   The president of the resident doctors’ association at the hospital, Dr Vijay Gurjar, said violence against doctors was growing “and the government is not taking necessary steps to decrease it”.   该医院住院医师协会主席维贾伊?古贾尔博士表示,针对医生的暴力行为日益严重,但“政府并没有采取必要 措施 来减少这种情况的发生”。   “Prevention is better than the cure, and if the government is not providing adequate security, then you have to take measures to save your life or vital organs,” he said.   他说:“预防胜于补救,如果政府没有提供足够的安全保障,那么我们自己就必须采取措施保护自己的生命或重要器官不受伤害。”   According to the Lancet medical journal, a 2016 study carried out in a Delhi hospital found that 40% of resident doctors had been exposed to violence at work in the previous 12 months.   据《柳叶刀》医学期刊报道,2016年一项在德里某医院进行的研究发现,40%的住院医师在过去12个月中曾在工作时遭受暴力。   The Indian Medical Association (IMA) says 75% of doctors will face physical or verbal violence during their career. Attacks on nurses and other hospital staff are also thought to be endemic but less frequently reported.   印度医学协会(IMA)称,75%的医生在其职业生涯中会遭受身体或言语暴力。护士和医院里其他的工作人员也被认为常常遭受袭击,但这类的报道较少。   Doctors say there are many reasons for the violence, including massive overcrowding in the public health system, which has contributed to a weakening of the bonds between physicians, the people they treat, and their families.   医生说,产生暴力的原因很多,其中包括由于公共医疗系统处理太多病人导致的医生和他们治疗的病人及其家属之间的联系较弱。   Corruption and overcharging also mar many Indians’ encounters with the health system.   腐败和过度收费也使许多印度人对医疗系统印象恶劣。   “India has a large proportion of population that is disenfranchised from health care,” Vivekanand Jha, the executive director of the Delhi-based George Institute for Global Health, told the Lancet.   总部在德里的乔治全球健康研究院的执行董事维韦卡南德?杰哈告诉《柳叶刀》:“有很大一部分印度人被剥夺了享受医疗的权利。”   “Any encounter with the medical system results in catastrophic expenditure for most people. It should not be hard to understand why people begrudge this and hold the medical community responsible.”   “对大部分人来说,只要涉及到医疗系统,就会产生高昂的费用。因此不难理解为什么人们对此不满,而且认为这是医学界的过错。”   Doctors at Aiims worked in helmets last month in solidarity with their colleagues in Mumbai, thousands of whom went on strike in the city after three attacks on doctors in as many days.   上个月,全印医学科学学院的医生为声援孟买的同事,带着头盔工作。那些在孟买的医生们在三天内遭受三次暴力袭击,数以千计的医生们走上城市街头,举行罢工。   According to witnesses, in one incident about 15 people attacked the junior doctor Rohith Kumar after the death of a woman he was treating, who was suffering from chronic kidney failure.   据目击者称,在一起袭击事件中,初级医生罗西斯?库马尔治疗的一名患有慢性肾衰的女性患者死亡后,约有15人对该医生进行袭击。   The IMA is also running education programmes to encourage doctors to spend more time with their patients.   印度医学协会也正在开展 教育 项目,鼓励医生花更多的时间陪伴患者。   It is lobbying for a national criminal law dealing specifically with attacks on doctors and other health professionals.   协会还在推动国家将袭击医生和其他医疗专业人员的行为列入刑法。 猜你喜欢: 1. 跆拳道考级内容 2. 关于跆拳道的广告词 3. 跆拳道的道德修养 4. 跆拳道学习总结 5. 跆拳道太极一章分解